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Smoking Fetish

Smoking Fetish

Smoking Fetish Videos That Will Make the Surgeon General Gasp

Having a smoking fetish won’t cause health problems, other than the heart attack you might have when you watch some of our videos. Who doesn’t like a good smoke after a fuck or a solo show with some hot girl asking you to come hither? Most likely, she’s just coming home from work and is stripping off her clothes. We are not just blowing smoke, we know which smoking fetish movies you fans of smoking videos want: sizzling hot babes doing solo shows or, dominating worthless men with cock and ball torture or trampling and other BDSM games while smoking. This site is more addictive than any cigarette you’ll ever have except there are no additives to damage your lungs.

So Many Kinds of Smoking Fetish

Our free smoking videos include girls in nylons, heels, leather, latex, engaging in sex whether alone or with someone else. In most of the films, cigarette smoke envelops the whole site into one giant cloud of billowing, smokey goodness sure to satisfy your smoking fetish.

Femdom Smoking Videos

When a woman isn’t on her own, she sometimes likes to own a man’s balls and face while smoking a cigarette and why not? She can have any man, almost any way that she wants, and sometimes chooses to punish the bad ones who desire some good second-hand smoke, whether through trampling, cock and ball mangling or other enjoyable tortures. Lucky for you, we bring together all these smoking femdom videos here at FetishTheatre for your enjoyment.

Masturbating and Smoking

These girls are not just smoking, they’re also touching themselves where the sun don’t shine. What does shine true is that these little temptresses are seriously trying to get your attention and why not give it to them? FetishTheatre.com offers them to you for free. For cheaper than a box of cigarettes, you can suck all these images in and get your fill. These masturbation videos that feature slutty girls who want to eat you with their eyes while smoking and touching themselves with their fingers or sex toys, are some of the best entertainment on the internet. Are these maturbation videos or femdom videos? It is hard to say because they will make you so hard before you know it, that she will own you with her teasing.

FetishTheatre - A Great Smoking Fetish Site

If variety is the spice of life, we have a whole spice cabinet of different videos on our site -. so many different situations containing women smoking like: girls doing solo shows while smoking, femdoms punishing worthless men while smoking, women wearing nylons and stripping while smoking, trannies smoking and the like. These images will turn your soft pack, into a hard pack. Whether you smoke or not, this smoking fetish site will blow smoke rings around any other on the internet.