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Sexual Wrestling Fetish

Naked women on women wrestling and having sex

Sexual Wrestling Fetish

If you are not familiar with this sport, you are really missing out. A combination of muscle, pussy, strapons, skill and domination, these girls fight it out like in a real wrestling match, and there is always a loser. Not only are they hot hot hot, they have been trained for this day and are dead serious about taking the win. But what happens to the loser? She gets sexually humiliated after the match, getting her mouth stuffed with hairy or shaved pussy and her pussy stuffed with a silicone dildo attached by a strapon. To the victor go the spoils!

Lesbian Wrestlers Duke It Out

Whether you like small ones, muscled ones, tall ones or new ones, we have all the hot, fit lesbian and bisexual babes on the mat in a ton of sexual wrestling videos here at FetishTheatre.com. Watch these sexy whores beat the living orgasms out of each other. These girls are sexy, but they are also strong and merciless. They have no remorse for one another and they will do anything they can to get the pin and avoid the humiliation. Watching violent lesbians fighting is always fun and it gets even better when the loser gets humiliated in front of the crowd and then savagely fucked by the victor. You may think that girls would be gentle on their fellow females but you would be dead wrong. No one crams a dildo harder into a female loser’s pussy or throat than another girl.

Tag Team Lesbian Sexual Wrestling

Double the fun, pussy, dildos, orgasms, squirtings and pins on the mat. No, you’re not seeing double vision; sexual wrestling can include four girls, two teams, and all business. When the sexual wrestling video includes a tag team match, you know you are in for two times the intensity and two times the reward in the end.

Humiliation Awaits the Losing Slut

Everyone loves the winner so losing must be terribly humiliating. But even though the loser gets brutalized with weapons of dyke destructions like dildos, strapons, and vibrators, the humiliation may actually be something this slutty loser wanted all along. Sometimes, a slut wants some lesbian BDSM mixed in with her wrestling after party. So stay for the aftermath of the match and you can watch how the loser may actually enjoy her forced orgasms or her forced squirting cumming caused by the winner. Sexual wrestling is a win-win situation for the audience.

Girl-On-Girl Sex Wrestling Videos

No need to ever wait for next season to get into this sport - every season is sexual wrestling season at FetishTheatre.com. As one of the best fetish sites in the world, we have tons of the latest girl on girl sexual wrestling fetish tube videos for you to check out for free and updated often. These videos combine elements of lezdom, sports, strapon, domination, submission, and forced orgasm all in one fetish: lesbian sexual wrestling. Whether you are a seasoned fan or new to the sport, gear up and come on into the ring and cheer for your favorite team to win or your favorite team’s pussy to be mauled.