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Anal Fetish

Anal sex involves pentrating assholes

Anal Fetish Films

Anal play has always been a favorite among the perverted and the vanilla. It is forbidden, dark, tight and delicious. FetishTheatre.com offers anal fetish video clips that are explorations into all things anal fetish. Everybody wants a little ass play or is turned on by watching it even if they don’t admit it. Whether going in, out, around, licking, fingering, fisting or ramming ass willingly or unwillingly; FetishTheatre has the ass in the bag.


Sometimes, people who love their anal fetish, love it rough and there is nothing wrong with a little pain, punishment, torture or slave training. The best way to break a tight ass is anal BDSM - to shove a huge cock, dildo or fist in there until it submits. There are femdoms fucking man-slaves with strap-ons while smoking a cigarette. There are lezdoms who do the same to female slaves while wearing stockings and leather corsets. There are even machines with dildo attachments made for gentle asses to be deflowered. So many anal BDSM videos, so little time.

Butt-Fucking for Everyone

Anal is no longer underground. Ass-fucking has gone mainstream. Everyone has one favorite way or another to get some anal exercise. Couples, Doms, Subs. Cum one, come all. Everyone can participate in a bit of ass play. Anal isn’t just about hardcore fucking nor ass submission, though that is also included, there is also some rimming and amateurs playing around. The cock is not the only thing of interest placed inside those delicate holes; there are plenty of perverted things that can and will fit. Depending on who’s holding the toy, the game changes and there are plenty of games to be had at the premier site for all things anal, FetishTheatre.com

Anal Sex Toys

Butt plugs made of glass, silicone, leather, whatever can get lubed up, go inside mouths, assholes, pussy holes whether by force or by choice; something’s disappearing inside that asshole. You can tell who is on top by the person inserting toys into the other person’s asshole. It doesn’t matter if they are a man or woman or two women or an orgy of women or even a flock of trannies. You know you’re going to see plenty of ass open for business.

Fetish Box - A Big Ass Collection of Free Anal Porn

FetishTheatre.com has content which includes hardcore and less than hardcore anal porn. There are plenty of videos that include your run of the mill doggy style ass-fucking or ass-fisting. There are so many different kinds of anal fetish videos that whether you are into kinky, hardcore ass-fucking with anal BDSM torture and punishment or kind and loving ass-fucking coupling; FetishTheatre leaves all other anal sites behind. Come get some!